Refunds, Captures and Cancellations of Transactions Directly in Your Shop

From now on the annoying logging into the administration interface of your PSP can be skipped. With the sellXed modules you can refund, capture and cancel transactions directly from within the administration interface of your shop. All this due to our powerful transaction management tool.

Transaction Management

Would you like to capture a payment directly after the order? Or do your prefer just authorising the payment and reserving the amount on the credit card of your customer? The actual debiting should only occur once the products have been shipped? None of this is a problem. You can configure each payment method according to your preferences and thereby adapt each one to your needs and processes.

Up until now, payments could only be processed in the back-end of the PSP. Now you have the possibility of carrying out the following actions in the back-end of your online-shop:

  • Capturing: Capture authorised orders directly from within the back-end. You can also capture individual products.
  • Refunds: Returned goods can be processed directly via the administration interface of your shop and the amount can simultaneously be refunded to your customer's credit card.
  • Cancellations: Cancel an authorisation directly in the administration interface.

Transaction Information at a Glance

Here you find an overview over the individual transactions - compact and well arranged. Through this you can gather information on e.g. the result of the 3D-Secure check, the address- and fraud check, information on the issuing country of the card, etc.