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Payment Service Provider

Selecting the Payment Service Provider

The processing of payments requires a contract with a Payment Service Provider. The sellXed payment modules are currently available for a growing number of Payment Service Providers.

With a click on the corresponding logo you will get further useful information on the PSP as well as an overview over the payment processing methods and which options with the PSP these require.

Agony of Choice

Choosing the Payment Service Provider is not so easy. We are aware of that. All PSPs presented here convince due to their scope of functions, their included support as well as their safety. We can't make the decision for you. The requirements and needs of our customers are too individual and diverse.


The costs arising with a PSP vary in price. However, they usually consist of:

  • Monthly fee
  • One-time setup fee

In addition, commission fees are charged by the Acquirer. These vary depending on country, sector, sales volume, etc. and are usually located between 1 - 2.5 %.

Beside the price you should also pay attention to the following factors:

  • Integration standard in your shop
  • Offered support
  • Supported payment methods for later expansions

Due to our strong position on the market we have committed to being independent. Furthermore, it is not possible to recommend a specific PSP due to the immense diversity of the needs. However, we will gladly forward your requests to the competent authorities so that you can get a personal impression of your preferred PSP.

30+ Shop Systems

We currently offer payment gateways for more than 30 shop systems.

We provide direct connection to the credit card gateway of numerous Payment Service Providers for a multitude of shop systems.


Are you a representative of a Payment Service Provider and interested in our offer?

We have the possibility of integrating your gateway in our network with very little effort. For more information, contact us directly.