The sellXed Program for Payment Service Providers

Are you looking for payment modules for your customers and a new partner with whom you can not only outsource the development and maintenance of the software but also the entire support?

Our long experience and strict concentration on payment interfaces has allowed us to develop payment modules for numerous Payment Service Providers. This has several advantages for them. Our partners report that their costs for development, maintenance and support have reduced greatly.

Many Payment Service Providers have taken the road of having web agencies develop their modules for a lot of money. At the same time a substantial sum had to be spent on the maintenance of these modules. In addition, the PSP gets stuck with the support for their customers and is forced to conclude several contracts with different web agencies due to the unmanageable amount of different online shops.

What We Can Offer You

For you as a Payment Service Provider, payment modules are crucial. They allow the customer the usage of your services. Only by having a payment module able to cover the entire scope of functionalities, do your products actually become fully interesting to combine. In addition, payment modules make a great impression on your customers. They are your business cards.

We offer an interesting all-round package for Payment Service Provider - all from one source:

  • Competence for over 30 online shops (from Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop to xt:commerce - everything is included)
  • We cover the entire integration field - from the Payment Page to a complete integration
  • Personalised distribution platform
  • Update concept with the possibility of direct information for the customer
  • Multilingual and direct customer support
  • No development and maintenance costs on your part

All theses services are offered to you from the same source. You can outsource the entire development of the modules, the maintenance and the integration support directly to us. Our development architecture allows us to provide you with the entire scope of our modules and services within three weeks .

Your Advantages

You know the problem. As a Payment Service Provider it is impossible for you to cover all shop systems in your support structures. Your key competences lie in the processing of payments, not in the development and maintenance of shop systems. Our model therefore has several interesting advantages for you:

  • Externalisation of the development costs to a professional
  • Entire development and maintenance all from one hand
  • Product renewals are available directly for your customer within a short time
  • Technical support is outsourced directly to the manufacturer


Have we raised your interest? Contact us directly.