Why Aren't Our Modules Free?

Why Aren't Our Modules Free?

It may well be that you will find cheaper or even free payment modules for your shop system and Payment Service Provider. We would therefore like to explain to you why it makes sense to choose our modules nevertheless.

1. You Should Not Compare Apples and Oranges

Several of the cheaper plugins are a result of customer projects from developers. These are not controlled and improved on a regular basis - which is to be expected as it is free after all. The gateways of the Payment Service Provider as well as the online shops are constantly modified with new security elements being added and new payment methods integrated. The chances are high that at some time either the Payment Service Provider will carry out a major update to the credit card gateway or the shop version has to be migrated. In this situation you will be glad if your shop works without interruption and the payment module is easily migrated.

2. Recommended by Internationally Leading Financial Institutions

Our main focus lies on payments in online shops. Each day we work on the improvement of our payment modules. As a result, numerous major Payment Service Provider and Acquirers as well as a vast amount of online merchants have put their trust in us for the processing of online payments.

Have a look at the list of PSPs who equip thousands of merchants each year with our modules.

3. Guarantee and Security

Customers are trusting you with their credit card data. This should not be taken for granted! You must therefore ensure that you do not misuse this trust. Theft of credit card data in your shop can not only lead to high penalties towards the issuers of the cards and the Payment Service Provider but it is also an extreme breach of trust towards the customer.

By purchasing a sellXed module, you make sure that the latest security standards by the card industry are being upheld.

4. Support and Updates Are Included

Payments are a key element to the success of your online shop. An interruption of only a few hours can quickly lead to great losses. With the purchase of a sellXed plugin, support as well as access to updates is continuously guaranteed.