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30+ Shop Systems

We currently offer payment gateways for more than 30 shop systems.

We have specialised in the development of payment modules. New shop systems are added and existing ones reworked weekly as well as vested with further functionalities. An overview over our supported modules and their functions can be found directly in our shop. For the development of our payment gateway, we rely on close cooperation with the manufacturers of the shopping carts and the Payment Service Providers. For this reason, we are represented in numerous partner programs of shopping carts. One such example is the Magento Industry Partner Program.

Here you find just a small selection of the shop systems that we currently support:

supported_shopsystems by

Your Shop System Isn't Listed?

Because of the large variety of shop systems your system may not yet supported.

We regularly check which shop systems should be integrated into our portfolio. However, it may be that we have overlooked your system. If this is the case, please contact us directly and we will gladly verify if an implementation is possible.


Payment Service Provider?

Are you as a Payment Service Provider looking for high-quality payment modules for your credit card gateway?

Our development architecture enables us to connect your gateway and release the 30+ matching payment modules within just a few days. Several financial institutions have already taken this step and are highly satisfied with our all-round service for their customers.