SellXed for Developers

6 Reasons Why Using sellXed Payment Plug-ins Pays Off for Developers

Especially developers can save time daily by using our payment plug-ins and support.

Allow us to take a few moments of your time. We would like to point out six reasons why you as a developer can save time, money and - most importantly – nerves by employing sellXed payment plug-ins.

1. Updates and Upgrades

Each plug-in you buy for your customer includes a carefree-package which is valid for 12 months. During this time you have unlimited access to updates and upgrades. If a new payment method is added or your a new shop software version is implemented, you have access to the updated and compatible version of the module. The new version also includes the migration path so the update will run automatically once it has been copied onto the server. Furthermore, we assist you directly if any problems occur with your customer. We are at your and your customer‘s disposal for any questions regarding payments.

2. Simple Integration

We guarantee that our extensions can be integrated in a few easy steps. If you run into any problems during the set up or if you simply do not have the time to install the module, you can take advantage of our installation support. The integration will be implemented within less than two work days and includes the module configuration in the shop, the Payment Service Provider configuration and we will also test the integration for you.

3. Process Integration

The transaction management enables you to handle orders and their linkage with the payment processes easily and process integrated. Like this you can refund, capture and cancel transactions directly from within the administration interface of your shop. The refunds, captures and canceling will be transmitted in the background directly to your PSP. You don‘t need to log yourself in again at your Payment Service Provider.

4. Better Conversion

Our extensions support essential features for conversion optimization. Make the checkout easier and faster for your customers by using tokenization (One-Click-Checkout). The customer‘s credit card data is saved at the PSP during the payment process. No data is stored in the shop which makes the payment process PCI compliant. The customer can use the saved credit card data again when making the next purchase and does not have to enter data repeatedly.

5. Advantages for Reseller

If you use our services regularly we offer attractive reseller conditions. Within the scope of our reseller program you can profit from attractive discounts on our license prices. When buying three or more of our licenses in one year, contact us and we will activate reseller discounts on our whole product range for you.

6. Trusted & Secure

We know that security has top priority and it is of utmost importance to us. All our extensions comply to the latest PCI standards. By using PCI compliant payment processing methods you can avoid additional certification costs because you will be included in your Payment Service Provider‘s certification. We rely on 3D-Secure and fraud tools are already integrated.

Additional Information?

Here you find once again all the reasons summarized in a PDF. Alternatively, just give us a call or write us an email.