Public Relations

Public Relations

This is where you can find our latest press releases as well as press materials. For any press inquiries call us at +41 44 533 15 70 or contact us through our contact form. Please leave a message and we will get back to you within one work day.

Press Contact

For all press inquiries please contact Sophie Morosoli:

+41 44 533 15 70
via contact form

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At a Glance

sellXed, customweb's software portal for online shops, makes the integration of payment via credit card, debit card and other payment options into your shop system possible - in just a few steps and without any programming skills.

customweb is specialised in the developnment of payment plug-ins. customweb delivers virtual terminals for the leading Payment Service Providers and with more than 400 payment modules the company is among the major producers of virtual payment terminals. The plug-ins stand out due to their comprehensive range of functions, the highest security standards, complimentary support and access to updates and upgrades.



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