Server Authorisation

Server Authorisation: The Self-Hosted Payment Page

Are you already PCI-certified or aim at acquiring a PCI-certification? If you are PCI-compliant you can also authorise payments with PCI-relevant data. With our modules the Server Integration also allows you to process all other payment methods without PCI-relevant payment information (e.g. invoice, electronic direct debit).

Server Integration for Credit Cards

Just as with the Hidden Authorisation the customer remains in the shop throughout the entire process and thereby enters all payment information on the merchant's site. The information is then, however, processed and temporarily stored directly on the web-server. In case of a processing of PCI-relevant payment information (above all credit cards), you have to make sure that you fulfill all the requirements of the specific PCI-level. If you are not PCI-compliant, this authorisation method can be used only for payment methods that are not subject to the PCI-standards.

Server Integration for Non-PCI-Relevant Payment Methods

The Server Authorisation is especially suitable for local payment methods by wire transfers such as Direct Debit, Invoice, Sofort├╝berweisung, iDEAL etc. A redirection to the Payment Page of the Payment Service Provider is no longer necessary.