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Update and Upgrades

Sustain the Security and Functionality in the Long Run

The disclosure of credit card data demonstrates the confidence the customer places in you. We are aware of that fact. This is why we invest much time and energy in the constant improvement of the security and user experience of our payment modules. Last but not least, this allows you to upgrade to newer versions of your shopping cart without additional issues.

Negative headlines in connection with payments can threaten the existence of an online merchant. It can just as well be that your shop system implements several new features in the new shop system from which you could profit immensely. We want you to be able to change into the new system as smoothly as possible. In case of problems it is furthermore comforting to know that you have a professional at your side. For these reasons our customers trust in the integrated support services of the sellXed payment modules. We offer you the possibility of talking to the developers directly and finding a solution.

After your purchase, you receive free access to all updates and upgrades. The modules can be easily downloaded in our shop within your your customer account. On the following pages we will explain how our versioning system works and how you can stay informed about the newest releases.

Updates - How and Where?

During the support period you have access to the latest version of your payment module.

Each sellXed payment module has its own RSS feed. A useful format which you might know from your favorite blog from the times before twitter. We use this feature in order to inform you about new releases.

Here you can see where you can find your updates and how you can subscribe to the RSS feed.

Our Versioning System

The versioning of our payment modules follow a strict pattern.

It allows you to recognise on first glance if and how you should update.