Odoo Worldline Payment Plugin

Accept payments in your Odoo shop using the Worldline E-Payment Gateway. Thus it is possible to offer credit cards including 3D Secure or other local payment methods such as Paylib or iDeal. Simply design your mobile-optimized payment pages or invoice documents and print the delivery notes and invoices at no cost via the cloud on your local printer.


Product Description

Wallee is the PCI certified payment hub of customweb GmbH. Wallee offers you a standardized process and API with which you can easily offer every possible payment in your shop. Using the standardized API, you can already use a variety of different payment service providers today. Worldline, among others. An overview can be found in the Processor overview. In addition to the simplified connection of payment processors and payment instruments, wallee also combines a variety of other services and functions, such as document management, integration into accounting systems, cloud printing and much more. An overview of the features can be found on the Feature Overview.

If you own a Odoo Shop, you can now connect your Worldline Payment Service Provider account to your Odoo Shop. You can now use all payment methods in your account. For example, you can safely secure credit cards, including 3-D Secure, or local payments such as Paylib, iDeal or Maestro.

All you need to have for the integration is a wallee account and a Worldline contract. Acceptance is cost-effective. Information regarding the prices can be found in the price list. You can simply create the wallee account online - Sign Up.

The integration in Odoo takes place via Odoo plugin which was developed by our partner, PITS solutions. It can purchased directly in the Odoo Marketplace. The integration is simple and fast. PITS will be pleased to provide support and plugin updates.