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sellxed Complementary Support

The sellXed Complementary Support Services are the ideal addition to the Standard Support Contract. If you need Express Support or any additional adjustments please fill out the form below. You can also find further information on the process below.

Product Description

Our sellXed Complementary Support Service offers additional assistance with the set-up of plug-ins in your shop that are not covered by the support contract, for example the extension of plug-ins with specific features, consulting, comprehensive demonstrations via remote servicing or adaptations to your design.

The Complementary Support Service furthermore provides assistance with any urgent issues. We offer an Express Service with guaranteed SLA which can be found here. This allows you to solve problems as fast as possible and thereby ensures trouble-free operation.

Your Benefits

Enjoy several additional benefits with the sellXed Complementary Support Services:

  • Faster and guaranteed answering times within our SLA if you take advantage of the Express Support.
  • Personal and direct consulting as well as fast improvements of your systems via remote servicing through our experts.
  • Additional adjustments and extensions for the features in your system.


The sellXed Complementary Support can be ordered with our without Express SLA depending on your needs.

Complementary Support Service

With the purchase of sellXed software you already concluded a Standard Support contract for your module. You can reach out to our Support Team for issues covered by our Standard Support contract directly via www.sellxed.com/support

Express Services

Order the sellXed Complementary Service if you would like to benefit from the Express SLA or need additional adjustments within your system.


You can define a cap on expenses for our services in the form above. This limit will not be exceeded without your permission. We will contact you to discuss the following steps as soon as we receive your order.

Your credit card will not be charged before all work has been completed. The assessment of cost will not be carried out before your problem is solved. The assessment is based on the effective expenditure of time.