New payment module supporting the new Worldpay JSON API

New payment module supporting the new Worldpay JSON API

12. September 2018

Sellxed now supports Worldpay's JSON API , newest API of Worldpay.


Here is an overview of the main features available in our Worldpay JSON API payment module:

  • Payments via credit card with integrated payment form.
  • Transaction management within the administration interface of the shop.
  • One click payments.
  • Subscription.

Payments via credit card with integrated payment form

The module is available only for credit card payments but offers an integrated payment solution without redirection to the payment page. It allows to embody the payment form directly in your checkout and still stay fully PCI compliant. This results in a better user experience as well as an easy and quick payment process.

Worldpay JSON API Checkout

Transaction management

Within the administration interface of your shop, you can view and edit transactions for further processing steps. You have the following possibilities:

  • Capturing: Authorised but not yet captured payments can be captured and debited from the customer. Partial capture (only one) as well as capture of the entire amount can be carried out from the administration interface of your shop.
  • Cancellation: Authorised payments can be cancelled with a simple click. Partial amount as well as the entire authorised amount can be cancelled. Cancellation is only possible when the payment method is configured with deferred capture. In that case the payment is only authorised and the order can be cancelled.
  • Refund: Partial refund as well as refund of the entire amount can be carried out from the administration interface of your shop.

One click payments

The customer's credit card data is saved during the payment process in the Worldpay database. The storage occurs with Worldpay and is therefore fully PCI compliant. An alias is created for the credit card data which can then be retrieved during the next purchase. This way the customer does not have to enter his credit card data again.

The one click payment functionality is available through the Alias Manager option which is configurable in the payment method of the module.

Worldpay JSON API One Click Payment


The subscription feature allows you to sell products in recurring time periods.It gives the possibility to process recurring orders automatically which encourages customer loyalty and helps increasing the conversation rate.
It includes automatic charging and payment method updates.

The subscription feature is ONLY available within the module if it is supported by the shopping and has been integrated in the module.
Make sure to check the Payment Processing section of the module description page to find out if subscription is supported.


We have set up a demo environment for you to see how the module works and how the payment is integrated in the checkout:

Demo store

Sign up / purchase

You can sign up instantly and purchase the module directly from our shop .

Once purchased the module will be instantly available for download in your customer account on


In case of questions concerning the module, the installation or other, please contact us.


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